19 Oct 14 at 3 pm

So last night we had a scary game night, playing The Evil WIthin and Alien: Isolation among others. I was looking through my library and noticed that I had Slender: The Arrival, even though I don’t ever remember buying it or receiving it. I was expecting it to just be a remake of the original Slender with better graphics/optimization/etc, but HOLY CRAP WHAT THAT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY REALLY SCARY AND I HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED IT BECAUSE OF THE CREEPY UNDEAD CHILD RUNNING AROUND IN THE MINE

13 Oct 14 at 11 pm


Machine Man

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Machine Man
13 Oct 14 at 11 pm

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06 Oct 14 at 6 pm

"Don’t worry.  He doesn’t have any idea what we’re planning…yet!"

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21 Sep 14 at 7 pm
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was out drinking and tried to call T-mobile in regards to their four lines for $100 advertisement but was told I was looking for a different kind of line

21 Sep 14 at 5 pm


Mind-bending sci-fi concepts by artist Olivier Pron.

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…last night while going home from a party in more of a rural place, i asked my boyfriend to stop somewhere off the road so i could pee and i pulled my pants down and promptly fell on my ass on a bunch of sharp rocks and now my butt is covered in scrapes and it hurts to sit


invited to happy hour with another software consulting company wow thank you computer science degree

18 Sep 14 at 8 pm

you guys i had an interview with two software consulting companies today and tomorrow i interview with HP what is life

18 Sep 14 at 8 pm

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